Ranked among the best electrical and computer engineering departments in the country, our research programs have always been at the forefront of the technologies that have changed the world we live in. Carnegie Mellon's interdisciplinary approach to educations allows faculty and students from across multiple disciplines to work together to solve today's multifaceted engineering problems, and bring new technologies to the marketplace.

While faculty and students are able to conduct limitless research, ECE has identified multiple research focus areas:
Cyberphysical systems - Intelligent vehicles, smart grid simulators, secure and private information processing
Brain initiative - Neuro-engineering, brain-computer interfaces, representation
Physics-based data sciences - Energy and information systems, signal and image processing, devices and sensors, memory and storage, computer architectures and software
Devices - MEMS, RF devices, sensors, ultrasonics, data recording
Health Care - Quality of life, signal and image processing
Security and privacy - Verifiably secure systems, foundations of privacy, network security, usable security

Centers, Labs, and Affiliated Institutes

The ECE has a wealth of research projects, working collaboratively across departments and colleges and with partners in academia, industry, and government. Our multiple centers and labs allow faculty and students to work together seamlessly to solve today's multifaceted engineering problems and bring new technologies to the marketplace.

Affiliated Centers and Institutes