Carnegie Mellon University

Career opportunities

ECE students have an impressive array of career opportunities awaiting them upon graduation. Most major technology, finance and consulting companies recruit students for internships and full-time employment, as well as rotational programs. Whether students have an interest in software, hardware or systems, commercial products, space, defense or the work of other government agencies, ECE students have the opportunity to selectively choose their career direction.

Due to the number and variety of hiring companies, graduating students can consider different types of company cultures and working environments. They can choose among different sized companies and along the continuum of startup to mature, many with alumni affiliations. ECE hiring companies are distributed across the country, with concentrations on both coasts and in almost all major U.S. cities. 

Company representatives consistently maintain that graduates of the ECE program are highly prepared and ready to enter the workforce as strong contributors.

The ECE Department, the College, and the University support student efforts to survey the career landscape and make careful, informed employment decisions. Whether they choose a more traditional engineering direction or look for a related career in finance, consulting, teaching or law, there is ample opportunity to engage company representatives and explore career options. Those students interested in pursuing a startup will find the entrepreneurial education, training and university infrastructure available to assist their interests and efforts.

ECE faculty and staff advisors are available to help students evaluate their career pathway in academe and industry. The ECE Office of Alumni & Employer Relations provides opportunities to engage industry directly and make important career connections.