Carnegie Mellon University

MS in AIE Requirements

Admission Requirements

Students with a bachelor’s degree in electrical and computer engineering or a related discipline with an interest in the intersection of AI and engineering are encouraged to apply to this program.

Interested students should be able to demonstrate proficiency in:

  • Programming (Python preferred) for data analysis
  • Probability/statistics such as probability distributions, joint and conditional probability, independence, marginalization, Bayes rules, and maximum likelihood estimation
  • Linear algebra topics such as matrix operations, linear transformations, projections, matrix derivatives, and eigendecomposition

MS curriculum requirements effective Fall 2024

MS curriculum requirements prior to Fall 2024

*All students who matriculated into the MS AIE program prior to Fall 2024, please see the curriculum requirements here.


Transfer credit from previous universities or colleges

Only one graduate-level course, or the equivalent of 12 units, can be transferred from another university as credit toward the MS degree. As a guideline, 3-credit courses from other universities equate to 9-unit CMU courses; a 4-credit course equates to a 12-unit CMU course. The course being transferred cannot have been counted toward another degree, and you must have received a letter grade of B or better. To transfer credit from another university, a formal petition must be submitted to and approved by the Graduate Studies Committee. No credit will be considered or granted prior to admission to the MS degree program.

Quality Point Average (QPA) requirement

In order to graduate, each student must have a Quality Point Average (QPA) of at least 3.0 in the courses being used towards the required 97/133 units. Coursework or graduate project units with a grade of C- or lower are not acceptable toward graduate degree requirements; however, they will be calculated into the student’s cumulative QPA.

Course Restrictions

Students are responsible for checking their classes' syllabi to ensure they meet these requirements. Of the required units, you may not count the following:

  • Courses numbered as xx-299 or below
  • Any units of physical education, ROTC, seminar/practicum/independent study courses, or courses taken as pass/fail or audit
    • Known courses include but are not limited to: 49-790, 49-791, 49-792, 49-793
  • Courses outside of ECE where more than 50% of the course grade is based on a group project
  • Courses where more than 20% of the course grade is based on attendance
  • Mini-courses worth 12 units
    • Known courses may include but are not limited to: 49-750, 49-751, 49-761, 49-762, 49-763, 49-764, 49-765, 49-766, 49-767, 49-770, 49-771, 49-772, 49-773, 49-774, 49-780, 49-781, 49-782, 49-788

Applying to the PhD program

Students in the MS-AIE program may apply to the PhD program. We recommend that students remain enrolled in their master's program for at least two academic semesters (not including summer) prior to enrollment in the PhD program, so that the Ph.D. Admissions Committee can better assess your application with respect to your graduate coursework and/or project experience at Carnegie Mellon. Please review the deadlines to ensure that you submit the Ph.D. application in a timely manner. The application process can begin as early as during your first semester (fall). For assistance with the application process, please contact the ECE Graduate Admissions Office.