Carnegie Mellon University

MS in ECE in Silicon Valley

Dynamic partnerships with NASA and other Silicon Valley organizations. Innovations in open-source software. Advanced communication technologies that will give the internet of things a voice. These are just some of the groundbreaking scientific dreams Carnegie Mellon University’s Silicon Valley campus is currently turning into reality.

In 2002, Carnegie Mellon established its campus in Silicon Valley, the epicenter of the modern technological revolution. Since its founding in Pittsburgh at the turn of the 20th century, Carnegie Mellon has been educating elite engineers and scientists to meet the ever-changing technological challenges of society. The groundbreaking work of countless Carnegie Mellon computer scientists and engineers has since solidified the school's reputation as the world's leading computer science education and research institution. Now, the university is able to connect its many distinctive technology education programs to Silicon Valley's innovative business community.

With each passing year, the celebrated alumni of CMU–SV are changing the face of science, technology, and business in the Bay Area. Virtually every local company has a cadre of Carnegie Mellon alumni in leadership positions, and many companies have been founded by this network of alumni.