Carnegie Mellon University

Course requirements for Spring 2020 and prior

*All students who will matriculate into the ECE MS program in Fall 2020 or later, please see the program options & requirements here.

Changes Summary

A. Software Engineering Core Graduate Coursework

The MS in SE program requires 60 units of core coursework that may not be waived or substituted. Students are required to take 18-652 Foundations of Software Engineering in their first semester. To complete the 60 units of core coursework, students should choose at least one course in each of the following three areas: design, analysis, and systems. The remaining 12 units can be additional coursework in the above areas, or any other course approved for the regular MS in ECE program, provided the course is offered to Silicon Valley students. As per MS in ECE requirements, up to 15 units of a graduate research project (18-980) can be counted toward the core units.




Software Engineering Core Courses

18-653 Software Architecture 18-654 Software Verification, Validation & Testing 18-655 Service Oriented Computing
18-658 Software Requirements and Interaction Design 18-656 Data-Intensive Workflow Development for Software Engineers 18-659 Software Engineering Methods
18-657 Decision Analysis & Engineering Economics for Software Engineers 18-613 Foundations of Computer Systems


B. Electives: 36 units 

B1. Restricted electives: 24 units

Students have the opportunity to pursue a wide range of electives in which they have a special interest. Any ECE course (18) at the 500-level or above will satisfy this requirement, as well as courses from select colleges and departments as listed below. See restrictions section below for exceptions.

  • Any ECE (18) course at the 500-level or above
  • Any course at the 600-level or higher from one of the following colleges or programs:
    • Information Network Institute (14)
    • Integrated Innovation Institute (49)
  • Select courses from other departments offered on the Silicon Valley campus (listed on the schedule of classes with a section location in Silicon Valley), including:
    • 15-619
    • 10-601
    • 15-688
    • 11-785

B2. Less-restrictive electives: 12 units

The remaining 12 units must be at the 300 level or greater from the same colleges, departments and programs listed above. Up to 3 units of professional development courses can count towards the less-restricted electives.

Petitions for exceptions to the above criteria may be considered by the Graduate Studies Committee. Please see your academic advisor for more information.

  • 18-994 Internship for Electrical and Computer Engineering Masters Students
  • 39-699 CIT Professional Development Course


Courses should be taken at the Silicon Valley campus, either from faculty located at the campus or via courses broadcast from the Pittsburgh campus to Silicon Valley.

Course restrictions

Students are responsible for checking the syllabi for their classes to ensure that they meet these requirements. Of the 97 required units, you may not count:

  • Courses numbered as xx-299
  • More than 15 units of graduate research project (18980) units
  • More than 12 units of undergraduate courses (at least 300 level or greater)
  • Any units of physical education, ROTC, seminar/practicum/independent study courses, or courses taken as pass/fail or audit
    • Known courses include but are not limited to: 49-790, 49-791, 49-792, 49-793
  • Courses where more than 50% of the course grade is based on a group project
  • Courses where more than 20% of the course grade is based on attendance
  • Mini courses worth 12 units
    • Known courses may include but are not limited to: 49-750, 49-751, 49-761, 49-762, 49-763, 49-764, 49-765, 49-766, 49-767, 49-770, 49-771, 49-772, 49-773, 49-774, 49-780, 49-781, 49-782, 49-788