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February 01, 2022

Mochi Wins Prestigious R&D 100 Award

Krista Burns

The Mochi Project, a collaboration between Carnegie Mellon University, the Argonne and Los Alamos National Laboratories, and the HDF Group, recently received the prestigious R&D 100 Award. The R&D 100 Awards are sponsored by R&D World magazine, a leading resource for research scientists, engineers, and technical staff members at laboratories around the world. The annual R&D 100 Awards are given in recognition of exceptional new products or processes that were developed and introduced into the marketplace during the previous year.

Earning a spot in the Software/Services category, Mochi is a customizable data navigation tool that allows for the rapid development of distributed data services in support of DOE science.

An important aspect of Mochi is composition: common capabilities such as communication, data storage, concurrency management, and group membership are provided under Mochi along with building blocks such as BLOB and key-value stores. These building blocks are mixed together to
provide specialized service implementations catering to specific platforms and science needs. Current Mochi research directions include unifying management of disparate data classes from scientific campaigns and applying learning and artificial intelligence to improve the adaptability of data services on heterogeneous DOE platforms.

The Mochi collaboration is led by Rob Ross from the Argonne National Lab, George Amvrosiadis from CMU's Parallel Data Lab, Galen Shipman from the Los Alamos National Lab, and Jerome Soumagne from the HDF Group. However, Mochi is also bigger than just these partners: Mochi
is an open ecosystem enabling the development of a variety of services both within the DOE and internationally.

The Parallel Data Lab’s DeltaFS project received an R&D Award in 2019.