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September 24, 2020

Bannis Receives ACM SIGBED Frank Anger Memorial Award

Adeola Bannis has received the 2020 ACM SIGBED Frank Anger Memorial Award. This prestigious award was given in recognition of her research contributions and leadership in the areas of software engineering and embedded systems. The ACM selection committee notes the significant potential of Bannis’ work to drive and influence research directions at the intersection of embedded and cyber-physical systems, formal methods, and software engineering, for many years to follow. In control systems, it is traditional to use sensing to improve actuation. A key theme of Bannis’ work is to turn this around and use actuation to improve sensing (as people often do ourselves, when we grasp and manipulate an object to understand it better), the application of which is an emerging area sometimes referred to as embodied robotics – an exciting area with enormous potential to which she has already contributed creative work in this direction.

The Frank Anger Memorial Award is a student award in the name of the late Dr. Frank Anger that promotes cross-disciplinary research between embedded systems and software engineering.

Bannis is advised by Pei Zhang, associate research professor of electrical and computer engineering at CMU’s Silicon Valley campus.