Carnegie Mellon University

Hamerschlag Hall

August 01, 2019

Koopman comments on the multiple challenges of autonomous vehicles

Philip Koopman was quoted by Communications of the ACM about the multiple challenges for self-driving cars. Many problems arise when these vehicles encounter unanticipated circumstances and try to transfer control to humans. “Building a car that realizes it doesn’t know what’s going on is almost the same difficulty as building a car that can handle it,” warned Koopman. He also worries whether designers have the safety mindset to prepare for various, unpredictable failures. Moreover, communicating with others on the road is a critical part of driving. To avoid accidents, autonomous vehicles need to interpret and send both explicit and subtle cues. “One very plausible reason for all of those rear-end collisions is that the cars aren’t behaving the way people expect them to,” said Koopman. Read the article here.