Carnegie Mellon University

Headshot of Rajkumar with HH

July 10, 2019

Rajkumar comments on the roles of human minds and AI in self-driving car safety

For years, engineers have developed technologies for autonomous cars; however, these technologies are making human-driven cars safer at a rate that could actually delay the adoption of driverless vehicles. We can be a lot safer on the road when we combine the best machine capabilities and our own ability to find novel solutions to unique problems. ECE’s Raj Rajkumar points out that human minds and artificial intelligence (AI) play different roles in self-driving car safety: “We are sentient beings, and we have the ability to reason from the first principles, from scratch if you will, while AI on the other hand is not conscious, and doesn’t even understand what it means that there’s a physical world out there.” Due to these differences, the combination of human minds and machine reflexes will likely be the norm in the next decades. Read more here.