Carnegie Mellon University

Students participating in "Pushing Air"

May 15, 2019

ECE alum participates in IDeATe’s “Pushing Air”

“Pushing Air,” an event featuring music, soft-sculpture, and textile robotics, combined the work of three spring IDeATe courses: Exploding Ensemble, Kinetic Fabrics, and Inflatables & Soft Sculptures. The interdisciplinary nature of these courses, drawing connections between fields in unique and novel ways, attracts students across Carnegie Mellon, from engineering to humanities to design. ECE alumnus Joseph Paetz took the inflatables course and appreciated the opportunity to create. With “Pushing Air,” he hopes “people were exposed to something they’re not generally exposed to. The combination of music and artwork is very cool and thought-provoking.” Read more here.

Image source: Carnegie Mellon University