Carnegie Mellon University

Hamerschlag Hall

November 01, 2018

CMU team to participate in the ARPA-E Grid Optimization Competition

A team comprised of faculty from Carnegie Mellon University and University of Colorado Boulder were one of ten university teams selected to receive funding to participate in the ARPA-E Grid Optimization Competition. Each team will receive up to $250,000 to compete.

This challenge seeks to find optimization algorithms which allow the electrical grid to be operated in an efficient and resilient way, even as the grid is pushed further and further towards its limits. In a collaboration with the University of Colorado Boulder, the Carnegie Mellon University team will design intelligent optimization and control algorithms within the next year which can provide efficient solutions to the security-constrained optimal power flow problem (SCOPF). 

The team consists of Javad Mohammadi and Soummya Kar from Carnegie Mellon's Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, and Kyri Baker from University of Colorado Boulder's Department of Civil, Environmental, and Architectural Engineering.