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Students at Build18 with their project

November 20, 2018

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Krista Burns

Carnegie Mellon students, alumni, faculty, and staff have big ideas, and the drive and talent to make them a reality. They're working together to enhance the CMU experience for everyone, while improving the community and world. Supporting the Build18 crowdfunding project goes to the teams doing the work, fueling their passion, and making an impact.

About Build18

Now in its 10th year, Build18 is an annual week-long hardware hackathon held by Carnegie Mellon University’s Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering. Every January, over 400 students form teams to complete an electronics project in a week’s time. Build18 serves as an intellectual playground for the brightest and most creative of Carnegie Mellon’s students. The event’s mission is to provide students with a risk-free environment to pursue personal engineering challenges, where the only limiting factor to creation is their own ingenuity.

Why contribute

Build18 is entirely student-run and primarily supported through corporate and individual donors. Without adequate support, we cannot accommodate all students interested in participating. By contributing to Build18, you help us provide teams with the essential parts and materials needed to complete their projects and gain hands-on experience.