Carnegie Mellon University
December 11, 2017

Kumar comments on the use of aluminum foil to enhance Wi-Fi Signals

Every day, we use devices like iPhones, computers, and tablets to complete tasks at work or finish school projects. These devices, as we know, require Wi-Fi signals to function properly. Without a strong Wi-Fi connection, we can’t access the internet, email our co-workers, or conduct online research for a school project. Fortunately, researchers from Dartmouth College say we can potentially enhance our Wi-Fi connection by using aluminum foil to reflect the signals coming from our router’s antennas. If designed and positioned correctly, these reflectors can magnify the Wi-Fi signal in any direction we choose. According to Swarun Kumar in an article for Popular Science, this idea “makes perfect sense” in principle because “like light, Wi-Fi signals are reflected by metals.” Read more.