Carnegie Mellon University
September 29, 2017

Savvides quoted on Apple’s facial recognition technology

Recently, Apple released its newest device, the iPhone X, with a price tag of nearly $1,000. The new iPhone uses facial recognition technology instead of fingerprint detection to help customers secure their data. But is there something even more reliable we could be using? According to ECE’s Marios Savvides in an article for Mic, an iris would be the best and strongest password because it’s incredibly precise and more private, which means that it’s nearly impossible to reproduce. “Your face is out there [online], but your iris is not,” says Savvides. To break into your phone, “[hackers] would have to actively try to capture your iris or find an extremely high-resolution picture of your face.” Although iris-scanning seems like the best way to secure data, the technology is currently too big and expensive to use for small devices.