Carnegie Mellon University
June 06, 2017

Lucia quoted on Intel’s new chip in Popular Science

Intel has developed the most powerful computer desktop chip for consumers. The Core i9 Extreme Edition processor is the first chip to break the teraflop barrier and can accomplish a trillion computational operations every second. ECE’s Brandon Lucia explains just how powerful the new chip really is. 

“Envision a supermarket checkout line,” says Lucia. “Let’s say there’s just one open register, and the cashier is checking out one customer at a time; that’s like a single-core chip. (And if you’re standing in that line with your bananas and ramen, you’re likely feeling frustrated.) Now imagine that 18 checkout lines are open, all of them staffed with cashiers who are checking customers through in parallel with each other. In this utopian scenario, everything moves much, much faster. That represents an 18-core processor.”

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