Carnegie Mellon University
June 19, 2017

Erdogmus delivers keynote address at UNL Conference in Santa Fe, Argentina

Hakan Erdogmus, associate teaching professor at CMU Silicon Valley, recently delivered the keynote address at a conference held by the National University of the Litorall (Universidad Nacional del Litoral, UNL) in Santa Fe, Argentina. The conference was part of Software and Entrepreneurship Day, an event through which students could connect to local entrepreneurs who were invited to speak about their startups and successes.

Erdogmus’ keynote address, titled “Educating the New Generation of Software” centered around curriculum plans and academic proposals that aimed to confront the challenge of adapting to rapidly-changing software technology and learning styles. “We must pay attention to the new generation of engineers—the millennials,” said Erdogmus, during his address. “We must balance and leverage their strengths to make up for their weaknesses in new programs and courses. One of the greatest things about them is that they are open to teamwork even if they don’t necessarily possess the requisite skills for effective teamwork.”

Erdogmus is passionate about being an educator specifically in the field of engineering, having worked in the past as a software development consultant and trainer. His aim is to encourage in students a better grasp of higher-level concepts such as critical thinking, abstraction, and synthesis, which they often lack despite being creative and technologically proficient.

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