Carnegie Mellon University
May 17, 2017

ECE students win awards at Meeting of the Minds

On May 10, ECE undergraduate students Shihan Wang and Kyuin Lee were awarded the second place Osher Award at the Meeting of the Minds Undergraduate Research Symposium. The Undergraduate Research Symposium highlights undergraduate research from all majors and disciplines and gives students the opportunity to share their research with the entire campus community. Wang and Lee received an Osher Award for their research on preventing epidemics by sensing mosquitos and learning about their behavior. They were advised by ECE Professor Radu Marculescu and Post-Doctoral Researcher Ryan Kim. The Osher Award is presented to students who create a project that has the potential to impact an individual’s quality of life. Students are also evaluated on how effectively they present their research and how well they articulate the significance of their work to the judges. The Osher award is presented by the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute (OLLI), which gives Pittsburgh adults the chance to further their education at Carnegie Mellon.