Carnegie Mellon University
January 06, 2017

Lucia’s paper selected as IEEE Micro’s Top Picks in Computer Architecture

A paper from Brandon Lucia and his research group has been selected as one of IEEE Micro’s 12 top picks of all computer architecture papers published in 2016. The paper, “An Energy-interference-free Hardware-Software Debugger for Intermittent Energy-harvesting Systems,” in collaboration with Disney Research, focuses on a hardware and software platform that can monitor and debug intermittent, energy-harvesting computer systems without interfering with the device’s energy state.

"Our hardware-software debugging tool is the first ever to bring essential, familiar application development support to these intermittent devices,” said Brandon Lucia, assistant professor of electrical and computer engineering (ECE) at CMU. “The key to our approach is that we provide flexible debugging support without interfering with the target device's power system."

IEEE Micro will publish its yearly "Micro's Top Picks from the Computer Architecture Conferences" as its May / June 2017 issue. This issue collects the year's most significant research papers in computer architecture based on novelty and potential for long-term impact.