Carnegie Mellon University

Greg Kesden

Greg Kesden

Teaching Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering

Address Carnegie Mellon University
5000 Forbes Ave.
Pittsburgh, PA 15213


Gregory Kesden is an Associate Teaching Professor in the Information Networking Institute (INI) at Carnegie Mellon University. He specializes in software systems, including distributed systems, networks, cloud computing, and operating systems, as well as certain areas within software engineering and forensic computer science. He has extensive experience teaching classes, including high school programs, introductory programming and data structures, and advanced undergraduate and graduate systems classes.

He has served as the head coach of Carnegie Mellon's internationally renowned programming team, the director of regional programming contests, the Teaching Assistant Program Coordinator for CS, the Director of Educational Computing for CMU's School of Computer Science, the Associate Director of CMU's MS in CS program, and the Director of Masters Programs for Computer Science and Engineering at University of California San Diego (USCD).

He began his career at Clemson University, spent 16 years on the faculty of the School of Computer Science at CMU, two years at the beach and as the Director of Masters Programs in CSE at UCSD, and then returned in 2017 to the INI at CMU.

He has been recognized by the SCS Simon Award for Teaching Excellence, the SCS Habermann Educational Service Award, and the ACM Coach of the Year Award.