18-819F: Special topics in Applied Physics: Waves and Applications

Units: 12

The following is a rough indication of the topics to be addressed in lecture. Time limitations may require omission of some of the later topics.

  1. Waves: the wave equation and its solutions; waves on strings; relevance to musical instruments.
  2. Waves on transmission lines: distributed circuits; phase and group velocities; dispersion; reflections and matching; S parameters.
  3. Electromagnetic waves in free space: normal and off-normal incidence; polarization; two antennas; near and far space fields; guided waves; diffraction.
  4. Waves in solids: transverse and longitudinal waves in bulk solids; reflection at surfaces; interactions with discontinuities; Lamb waves; surface (Rayleigh) waves.
  5. Transducers: piezoelectric materials; the Mason model; capacitive MEMS transducers; surface acoustic wave devices; the P matrix.
  6. Waves in two and three-dimensional structures: eigenmodes and vibration; special functions.
  7. Time reversal: time reversal concepts and their applicability; the Green's function.

Grading will consider both involvement in exercises during the lectures and the paper and presentation. An A grade will indicate substantial and continuing participation in exercises during the lecture portion of the course and submission of a clear and informative paper.


Applied Physics, Applied Physics (Solid State/Magnetics/Fields)

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