Carnegie Mellon University

Ph.D. in ECE in Silicon Valley

In collaboration with Carnegie Mellon Silicon Valley and Carnegie Mellon CyLab, ECE is pleased to offer a Ph.D. in the area of mobility, security, wireless sensors, and networking. Students participating in the program can pursue an ECE Ph.D. while living primarily in Silicon Valley, California.

Increasingly powerful mobile systems, such as mobile phones, in-vehicle and hand-held travel guidance systems, and other network enabled devices are becoming the dominant mechanisms for internet access and personalized computing. Fast and ubiquitous networking technologies will enable anywhere-anytime computing and novel applications. Embedded wireless sensors in appliances, vehicles, objects and the environment are dramatically enriching the available information and expanding the interaction context. Context-aware services such as mobile shopping, advertising, gaming and social networking are on the increase. To fully realize a vision of the connected mobile future, we need to better understand how people can work, play, and collaborate in the mobile ecosystem and how to meet those needs through new designs, implementations, and deployment mechanisms.

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