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A lifelong connection. The Office of Engagement in ECE provides opportunities for our 10,000+ alumni to deepen their connection to each other, the department, and current students. Inspiring and mentoring the next generation of problem solvers in ECE is a profound way to stay connected and have a direct impact.

How to engage

Why volunteer? Volunteers are offered rewarding opportunities to interact with current students, take part in panels, speak at events, and advocate for ECE.

Volunteer opportunities

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  • The most flexible and our most crucial need for volunteers is the Alumni Mentor Network for ECE and SCS students and alumni. Learn more and sign up here
  • Annual panels, events, and speaking engagements are planned throughout the year. Express interest in being tapped for your expertise.
  • Advocate for ECE at your company. Offer to help recruiting efforts, get involved with or start an alumni group that interacts and welcomes ECE student interns. Then, tell us what you are up to. We can offer support, highlight your efforts to other alumni, and recognize your commitment to ECE.