2003 Seminars

  Speaker Company / Institution Title
January 22, 2003 Larry Pileggi Carnegie Mellon University CSSI Pittsburgh: We're More Than Just a Crime Fighting Show On TV
January 29, 2003 Nilmoni Deb ECE Ph.D. student Built-In Self Test for Symmetric Microelectromechanical Systems (MEMS)
February 5, 2003 Herman Schmit Carnegie Mellon University PipeRench: Architecture and Performance Estimation
February 12, 2003 Fang Fang ECE Ph.D. student Efficient Static Analysis of Finite-Precision Effects via Affine Arithmetic Modeling
February 19, 2003 Doris Schmitt-Landsiedel Technical University of Munich Robust Adiabatic Circuits
February 26, 2003 JoAnn Paul Carnegie Mellon University Layered, Multi-Threaded, High-Level Performance Design for Programmable Heterogeneous Multiprocessor SoCs
March 5, 2003 Hui Xu ECE Ph.D. student sub-SAT: A Formulation for Relaxed Satisfiability and its Application
March 12, 2003 Russell Tessier University of Massachusetts, Amherst aSoC: A Scalable, On-Chip Communication Architecture
March 19, 2003 Masahiro Fujita University of Tokyo System Level Design Methodology for System LSI with SpecC
March 27, 2003 Tiberiu Chelcea CS Ph.D. student (Columbia University) Design and Optimization Techniques for Large-Scale Asynchronous and Mixed-Timing Systems
April 9, 2003 Kim Yaw Tong ECE M.S. student Via Patterned Gate Array (VPGA)
April 16, 2003 Thomas Vogels ECE Ph.D. student Current Current Testing and Future Use of Current Testing
April 28, 2003 Azad Naeemi ECE Ph.D. student

Optimal Global Interconnects for Gigascale Integration
3:00 PM

April 30, 2003 Mahim Mishra CS Ph.D. student

Defect Tolerance at the End of the Roadmap

May 9, 2003 Dong Liu EE Ph.D. student (Ohio University)

Analog and Mixed-Signal Test and Fault Diagnosis
11:30 AM

May 16, 2003 Rhonda Franklin Drayton University of Minnesota

Advanced Packaging Concepts in Silicon Substrates

May 27, 2003 Phillip Stanley-Marbell ECE Ph.D. student

Dynamic Fault-Tolerance Management and Analysis Metrics for Failure-Prone Battery-Powered Systems

August 27, 2003 Peter Bellows University of Southern California

Rewiring In Orbit: Grooming Programmable Logic for Outer Space

September 17, 2003 Jack Kenney Analog Devices Inc.

Clock and Data Recovery Circuit of 10Gbps Serial Data in 0.13um CMOS

September 23, 2003 Steve Trimberger Xilinx Research Labs

An Overview of Xilinx Research Labs
1:00 PM

September 24, 2003 Subhasish Mitra Intel Corp. / Stanford University

X-Compact + Xpand: A Low-Cost High Quality Scan Test Solution

October 1, 2003 Emrah Acar IBM Austin Research Laboratory

Leakage Modeling and Analysis for Hig-Performance Circuits

October 3, 2003 Anne Meixner Intel Corp.

High Volume Manufacturing Integrated Circuit Testing: Overview and Today's Challenges
1:00 PM
Singleton Room, Roberts Hall

October 8, 2003 Shuvendu Lahiri ECE Ph.D. student

A Symbolic Approach to Predicate Abstraction

October 15, 2003 TM Mak Intel Corp.

Is CMOS More Reliable With Scaling?

October 22, 2003 Naresh Shanbhag University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Reliable System Design: A Communication-Theoretic Paradigm

November 5, 2003 Phillip Stanley-Marbell ECE Ph.D. student

Adaptation Methods and Analysis Metrics for Smart Matter

December 3, 2003 Emil Talpes ECE Ph.D. student

Flywheel: Enabling Performnce Increase and Power Efficiency by Using Multiple Speed Pipelines

December 10, 2003 Xin Li ECE Ph.D. student

Robust Analog/RF Design with Projection-Based Posynomial Modeling