Student Life (Culture and Environment)

ECE is committed to developing a strong academic and collegial community that not only includes ECE students, faculty and staff, but also extends to the professional and technical community through alumni involvement and corporate engagement. This led to adding an ECE director of alumni and student relations (DASR) position in 2003. The DASR Office remains a primary department interface for the ECE student organizations and advisory councils, student activities and events, as well as alumni and corporate interactions.

The strategic development and tactical implementation of ECE's metacurricular programs have coincided with a college-level focus on the engineer of the future. Metacurricular, in this context, is defined as the arena of department activity that takes place outside the classroom and laboratories, just beyond the scope of the courses and curriculum, yet integrated into the degree pursuit. The metacurricular dimension is made up of programs, initiatives and events meant to enrich the students’ educational experience, parallel the academic mission, and create the benefits of community, professional, career and lifelong growth and development. It is meant to capitalize on the ECE Department’s historic success and help take it to the next level.

In an effort to further promote student quality of life within the Department, ECE continues to improve its facilities and services. On the First Floor of Hamerschlag Hall, ECE students have easy access to department administrative services that support them, including the ECE Hub, the Academic Programs Office, the Business Office and ECE Graduate Admissions. Also on the First Floor are the offices of the ECE Department Head, Associate Department Head and Alumni/Student Relations. In the nearby 1300 Corridor, undergraduate students have areas to study, work and socialize. This area contains laboratories, a computer cluster and student study lounges known as “coves”. Graduate student have additional study and recreational facilities.

Beyond the boundaries of the ECE Department, the College of Engineering and the University also support and encourage a wide range of student intellectual, technical, professional, social and sporting activities as well as involvement in CMU’s many rich traditions, including Buggy, Booth, the Fence, Kiltie Band and Student Government.

Students perform during the yearly ECE Day festivities.

Students gather for the yearly formal ECE Winter Party.