About Electrical & Computer Engineering

Welcome to Electrical and Computer Engineering, a department of the College of Engineering at Carnegie Mellon University.

We offer several levels of study, all nationally recognized for their excellence in the field of electrical and computer engineering.

Welcome from the Department Head

Dear ECE Visitor:

Welcome to the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) at Carnegie Mellon. As you find your way through our website, I would like to call your attention to some important information:

  1. ECE is the largest department within Carnegie Mellon's engineering college, the Carnegie Institute of Technology. In fact, ECE is one of the largest departments on the campus. ECE has over 100 faculty members, including research, adjunct, and courtesy faculty. The department serves about 450 undergraduate and approximately 400 graduate students.
  2. Exciting new research is taking place in ECE. Cutting edge research areas include cyber-security, information processing and storage, and nano-enabled technologies. Many interdisciplinary research centers and laboratories have a home in the ECE Department.
  3. The ECE Department collaborates with partners from academia and industry both locally and worldwide. Although the majority of our work takes place on the Carnegie Mellon campus, our collaborations extend far beyond Pittsburgh. We are engaging in global collaborative research and teaching efforts through extension of our academic programs and research agreements.

We hope this website will provide a useful aid as you become familiar with the department. The directory of Hamerschlag Hall will guide you along your way. A section describing ECE undergraduate laboratories in Hamerschlag Hall provides a glimpse into the world of our undergraduates. The graduate portal offers a listing of our graduate student requirements. Another section defining our many centers and laboratories will give you an idea of the range of our commitment to the field.

Happy touring!

Jelena Kovačević
Professor and Head 
ECE Department 
Carnegie Mellon University


Fall 2014 Graduate School

Graduate program applications are now being accepted for Fall 2014 admissions.

Apply online! 

If you have an old application you would like to use for Fall 2014 admissions or if you have questions about application for Fall 2014 admission, please send email to the ECE Graduate Office.

Alumni Council

The ECE Alumni Council comprises a group of highly accomplished alumni of ECE who meet approximately twice per year to discuss ECE's educational, research and outreach activities. The Council provides input and insight regarding ECE's programs and strategic goals.

Meet the Alumni Council.


We are currently accepting applications for several faculty positions, both research and tenure-track. Visit our employment page for more information.

An ECE poster presentation sesssion.