M.S. in ECE: Project Report

The MS in ECE Project Report option is only available to students in the ECE PhD program. Under this option, students have the opportunity to use more research credit towards their MS (a total of 36  units of 18990) in exchange for the completion of a MS project report.


In order to pursue the MS in ECE Project Report, students must complete a Request for MS form, including the MS title and the name of a  second reader (who must be an ECE faculty member). Please submit this form to Samantha Goldstein in the Undergraduate and Graduate Programs Office (HH 1113). Samantha will obtain the Department Head's approval for your MS request. Once your request has been approved, the student will be responsible for picking up the MS-related paperwork, obtaining the signature of his/her advisor and second reader on the paperwork, and returning the paperwork to the Undergraduate and Graduate Programs Office.

Once the report has been approved by the student's advisor and second reader, the student must send Samantha an electronic copy of the report and deliver a hard copy of the report to the Undergraduate and Graduate Programs Office. The student should make sure to update his/her mailing address in SIO so that the diploma will be mailed to the correct address (if the student is not graduating in May).

Report format

  • Single-sided.
  • 1.5 spacing.
  • 11-point font (or Mac equivalent).
  • No longer than 40 pages (including figures and appendices).
  • Following CIT document standards, which can be found here.

If you are leaving Carnegie Mellon

  • Submit permanent contact information to the ECE Undergraduate and Graduate Programs Office.
  • Return any office or lab keys to the appropriate office (HH 1116).
  • Empty and clean out desk and/or office.
  • Cancel health insurance.
  • Clear any outstanding balances with the cashier.

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