Technical Specifications


  • The Rotosplay Table is a persistence of vision display. Typically, it displays images from a PC. As a secondary goal, touchscreen capabilities may be added by adding photodiodes to the platter.
  • The Rotosplay Table connects to a PC via a Bluetooth module. Bluetooth is ideal because we must wirelessly transmit data over a small distance.
  • The table will output a radial display (diameter: 32 unique outputs) using single color LEDs. Tricolor LEDs were considered however they were considered to be prohibitively expensive.
  • For animated image display, the disc must make at least one full revolution for each frame of animation. For fluid animation at 30 frames per second, the platter must spin at 1800RPM, or faster.
  • The platter is powered by A/C. Power flows through brushes touching the drive shaft.
  • The platter is spinning very quickly. As a safety precaution, it is housed within a metal frame, which is enclosed with acrylic sheets.