Competitive Analysis

product is unlike anything else out there. However, there are a few touch sensitive surfaces which could be considered our competitors and other products.

The Microsoft Surface

Microsoft offers a surface designed for a tabletop on which people can manipulate digital content using hand motions. This product is intended for hotels, retail, and the military. The current price is approximately $10000, which is prohibitively expensive for the consumer.


From the website: "Spoke POV is an easy-to-make electronic kit toy that turns your bicycle wheel into a customized display!" Prices are $37.50 for the basic kit and $99.00 for the Triple SpokePOV Kit + Dongle + 2 Magnets. Our product is a powerful tool designed for work and not simply entertainment.

Tablet PC

This is a computer equipped with a touchscreen display. Many varieties exist, with prices ranging from roughly $1000 to $3000. Our table, while lacking the mobility of a laptop, will provide all the advantages of a coffee table (durability, the ability to support mugs of coffee and other objects), along with the advantages of a computer.