Integrated B.S./M.S. Degree Requirements

Professional MS Degree Requirements

Please see the M.S. in ECE section for the requirements for the Professional MS degree. For students in the ECE IMB program, all requirements for the Professional MS degree are in addition to the requirements for the BS in ECE. No requirements for the MS degree may be used in any way toward the BS degree, including minors, additional majors or dual degrees.

Residency requirements and financial impacts

Once a student in the IMB program has completed all of the requirements for the BS degree, he or she may become a graduate (Masters) student. To do this, the student's undergraduate degree is certified, and that student officially graduates with the BS degree. Once a student's undergraduate degree has been certified, no more courses may then be applied toward the BS degree. This includes courses toward minors and additional majors, although students pursuing an undergraduate dual degree with another department may still continue to apply additional coursework toward that second degree.

If a student takes more than 8 semesters to complete both the BS and MS degrees, then he or she must be a graduate student for at least one semester before graduating.

To determine the most appropriate time for an undergraduate student to become a graduate student, he or she should consult with Enrollment Services to understand how becoming a graduate student will affect financial aid, and with his or her academic advisor to determine a course schedule. When a student is a graduate student through the IMB program, the department is able to provide some financial assistance through Teaching Assistantships.

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