Admissions Graduate Requirements

Graduate studies at Carnegie Mellon

Overview of program requirements

The requirements for each of the programs and degrees are mapped in the following table.

DegreeRequirementsB.S./M.S. (IMB)Professional M.S.Ph.D./M.S.Ph.D.
AllEntry CMU undergraduate with 3.0 GPA B.S. Degree B.S. Degree M.S. Degree
M.S.Courses Yes Yes Optional
Report Optional
Ph.D.Courses 8 4 (external M.S.) or 8 (CMU M.S.)
Breadth requirement Yes Yes
Graduate progress review Yes Yes
Qualifying examinations Within 5 semesters Within 5 semesters
Prospectus Yes Yes
Teaching internship Yes Yes
Thesis and defense Yes Yes

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