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Preliminary Program

Main Program:
Dates: March 13 and 14, 2012
Location: Carnegie Mellon University

Baker Hall A51 – Giant Eagle Auditorium

Pre-Conference Workshop
Date: March 12, 1:00 p.m. - 6:00 p.m.
Location: Carnegie Mellon University
ECE, Hamerschlag Hall –  HH 1107
Bombardier Smart Infrastructure Collaboration Center

RECEPTION, March 12 - Holiday Inn Select University Center, 7:00-8:30 p.m.
POSTER SESSION / DINNER, March 13 - Holiday Inn Select University Center, 6:00-9:00 p.m.

March 13, 2012 Day 1:  
Data-Driven Wind Power Integration; Grid and Customer Data Collection:
Status and Open Questions

7:30-8am  Breakfast

8-8:15am Prof. Ed Schlesinger, Carnegie Mellon University ECE Department Head, Welcome

8:15-8:30am  Marija Ilic, Carnegie Mellon University (CMU-ECE/EPP) and Richard Schuler, Cornell University (CU/Econ), Conference Objectives

8:30-10:30am, Session D1.A1 Data-Driven Sustainable Energy Systems: Wind Power Integration in Real-World Complex Electric Energy Systems

Session Coordinator:  Charlie Smith, Utility Wind Integration Group (UWIG)
Presenters: Charlie Smith, UWIG, Wind Integration: Status and Prospects
Dale Osborn, MISO Energy, Example of Use of Economic Studies
Paul McGlynn, PJM, Plans for Wind Integration in PJM: Progress and Challenges
Jon Black, ISO-NE, Plans for Wind Integration in ISO-NE: Progress and Challenges
Fred Huang, ERCOT, System Planning Challenges of Wind Integration in ERCOT.
Marija Ilic, CMU, Dynamic Monitoring and Decision Systems (DYMONDS) Simulator for Low-Cost Green Azores Islands.

10:30-10:45am Coffee Break

10:45-12:15pm,  Session D1.A2 Data-Driven Sustainable Energy Systems: Large-Scale Wind Power Integration: Fundamental Challenges and Opportunities
Session Coordinator: Le Xie, Texas A&M University
Presenters:  Niamh Troy and Mark O'Malley, University College, Dublin, Ireland, The Challenges of Large-Scale Wind Power Integration
M. L. Ferreira and P. Carvalho, Instituto Superior Tecnico (IST), Portugal, Enhanced DPlan for Enabling Large Panetration of DERs in Electricite de Portugal (EdP).
Le Xie, Texas A&M, Model-Predictive Scheduling for ERCOT.
Stephen Rose, Emily Fertig, David Luke Oates, Paulina Jaramillo, and Jay Apt, CEIC, The RenewElec Project: Exploring Challenges and Opportunities for Integrating Variable and Intermittent Renewable Resources.
Christina Jaworsky, Konstantin Turitsyn, Dept. of Mechanical Engineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Limitations in Reduction of Wind Power Intermittency with Storage Technologies.

12:15-1:15pm Lunch Speaker: Dr Krishna Kant, National Science Foundation, Sustainability Initiative and Big Data

1:15pm-2:45pm,  Session D1.P1  Part I—Grid Data: Collection, Communications and Use
Session Chair: Bruce Fardanesh, NYPA
Presenters: Bruce Fardanesh, NYPA, New Methods for Operations and Control in Future Electric Energy Systems
Marrasoul J. Mousavi, ABB, Grid Analytics to Enhance Distribution Feeder Performance
Bob Cummings, NERC, Overview of Grid Data, Collection, Communications, and Use
M. Cvetkovic and Kevin Bachovchin, CMU ECE, Potential of FACTS and Flywheels for Transient Stabilization Agains Large Wind Disturbances and Faults.
Sanja Cvijic and Marija Ilic; and Peter Feldman, IBM, Zooming-in and Zooming-out Computer Methods for Contingency Screening in Large Scale Power Systems.

2:45:-3:00pm  Coffee Break

3:00-4:45pm,  Session D1.P2 Part II—Customer Data: Collection, Communications and Use
Session Chair: Ralph Massielo, KEMA
Presenters: Johanna Mathieu and Duncan Callaway, University of California, Berkeley, The Value of Real-time Data in Controlling Electric Loads for Demand Response
Jessica Harrison, KEMA, The Benefits and Challenges of Data-Based Management in Power Systems: Lessons Learned from Three U.S. Case Studies
Jason Black, Battelle, and Yi Zhang and Weiwei Chen, General Electric, Cluster-Based Baselining Method for Determining Load Reductions.
Tom Casten, Recycled Energy Development LLC, New CHP Value Propositions.
Timothy J. McCoy, Electric Ship Office, Ships at Sea: The Original Micro-Grids?
Jeremy Johnson, Hardware Accelleration for Load Flow Computation

5:00-5:30pm  Open Discussion on Day 1 Subjects
6-9:00pm  Graduate Students Posters, Reception and Dinner
(Dinner Speaker: Leonard Hyman—Business Sustainability)

March 14, 2012 Day 2:
Toward Systematic Data Use for Sustainable Business and Policy Decision Making

7:30-8am Breakfast

8-8:30am  Richard Schuler,  Rethinking Electricity Markets (Plenary Talk)

8:30-10:15am, Session D2.A1 Data-Driven Business Decisions and Policy Design
Session Coordinator: Judy Chang, Brattle Group
Presenters: Judy Chang and Kamen Madjarov, Brattle Group, How are Markets Adjusting to Large Amounts of Renewable Generation?
Tim Heidel, ARPA-e, ARPA-e Investments in a More Flexible Grid
Desmond W. H. Cai, Sachin Adlakha, Steven Low, K. Mani Chandy, Caltech, and Paul De Martini, CISCO, The Impact of Distributed Energy Resources on Utility Rate Structure
Richard Wu, LDH Energy, and Marija Ilic, Carnegie Mellon University, Stratum Electricity Market: Toward Multi-temporal Distributed Risk Management for a Sustainable Electricity Provision.
Kevin Forbes, Marco Stampini and, Ernest M. Zampelli, The Catholic University of America, Washington, DC, The Relationship between Wind Energy and System Operator Actions to Ensure Power Grid Reliability: Econometric Evidence from the 50 Hz Transmission System in Germany.
Lizhi Wang, Iowa State University,Measuring and Mitigating PEVs’ Potential Impact on Power Systems – A Multi-level Optimization Approach
Mark B. Lively, Lively Utility, Markets Instead of Penalties: Creating a Common Market for Wind and for Energy Storage Systems

10:15-10:30am  Coffee Break

10:30-12:30pm, Session D2.A2  Data-Based Change of Operating and Planning Industry Paradigm: Concensus,  Cooperation, Portfolia and Minimal Coordination
Session Coordinator:  Steven Low, Caltech
Presenters: Steve Low, Subhomesh Bose, Mani Chandy, Masoud Farivar, Lingwen Gan,
Dennice Gayme, Caltech, and Chris Clarke, Southern California Edison, Optimal Power Flow Over Radial Networks.
Brian Williams, Masahiro Ono and Wesley Graybill, Energy-efficient Control of a Smart Grid with Sustainable Homes based on Distributed Risk
Nicolas Christin, CMU-INI, Security Challenges in Cyber-Physical Systems.
Alexander Davis, Tamar Krishnamurti, Baruch Fischhoff, & Wändi Bruine de Bruin, CMU, SDS and EPP, Setting a Standard for Electricity Pilot Studies: Meta-analysis and Guidelines for Design and Reporting.
Jhi-Young Joo and Marija Ilic, Adaptive Load Management (ALM): Possible Implementation of Demand Response According to Well-Understood Value and Choice.
Franz Franchetti, CMU ECE, What Could Deskside Supercomputers Do for the Power Grid?

12:30-1:30  Lunch Break: Jay Caspary, DoE DOE OE Grid Modeling Initiative 

1:30-3:15pm,  Session D2.P1  Data-Based Methods  for Sustainability
Session Coordinator:  Peter Feldman, IBM
Presenters: W. Schulze, Cornell, Overlay of an Environmental Transmission Model on the Super OPF to Simultaneously Account for Air Quality, Locational Reliability and Price.
Sergio Pequito, IST, and Qixing Liu, Soummya Kar, and Marija Ilic, CMU ECE, PMU Placement to Ensure Observable Frequency and Voltage Dynamics: A Structured System Approach.
Dave Loucks, Eaton, Data Analysis Finds Hidden Information in Electrical Systems.
Bruce Mc Millin, Suzanna Long, Joon-Ho Choi, Badrul Chowdhury, Mariesa Crow
Energy Management by Distributed Socio-Ecological Systems, Missouri S&T.
P. Reddy and M. Veloso, CMU, SCS, Factored Models for Multi-Scale Decsion Making in Smart Grid.
H. Illian, Energy Mark, Big Data! How Will it be Used.
Alberto J. Lamadrid, Markets and Demand Management Coupling with Renewable Energy Sources.

3:15-3:30pm  Coffee Break - Sponsored by OSIsoft

3:30-5:00pm,  Session D2.P2  Real-Time Synchronized Data for Automated Wide-Area Monitoring and Control
Session Coordinator: Sandy Aivaliotis, Nexans 
Presenters: Tip Goodwin, Oncor, Dynamic Line Ratings a Solution for Congested Transmission Lines.
Aranya Chakrabortty, North Carolina State University, George Michailidis University of Michigan and Yufeng Xin , UNC Chapel Hill, Decentralized Algorithms for Oscillation Monitoring in Power Systems from Overwhelming Volumes of Phasor Data.
Charles H. Wells, OSIsoft, Real Time Data Consumption and Archival for the Power Grid.
Jignesh Solanki, West Virginia University, Cloud Computing-Based Architecture for Future Distribution Systems.
Andrew Hsu and Marija Ilic, CMU ECE, A Proposed Framework For A Simple Plug-And-Play Information Exchange Standard

5:00-5:30  Next Steps and Adjourn
March 12, 2012
Workshop Tentative Agenda:
Part 1: Roll-out of Upcoming Springer Monograph Entitled:
Engineering IT-Enabled Sustainable Electric Services: The Case of Low-Cost Azores Islands

1:00-1:20pm Marija Ilic, SRC SGRC Director and Jonathan Donadee, Introduction.

1:20-1:40pm Masoud Nazari and Jon Donadee, The Electrical Network Systems of the Azores Islands; Generation and Demand Specifications for the Islands of  Flores and Sao Miguel.

1:40-1:55pm Noha Abdel-Karim, Multi-Scale Methods for Decomposing  Uncertainties in Load and Wind Power.

1:55-2:10pm Pedro Carvalho, Conventional  Generation Dispatch  Methods Systems with Intermittent Resources.

2:10-2:25pm Le Xie, Look-Ahead Model-Predictive Generation Dispatch Methods.

2:25-2:40pm Jhi-Young Joo, Assessing the Ability of Different Types of Loads   to Participate in   Adaptive Load Management.

2:40-2:55pm Remco Verzijlbergh (Delft U.), The Role of Electric Vehicles  in Making the Azores Islands Green. 

2:55-3:15pm Break

3:15:-3:30pm Masoud Nazari, Optimal  Placement of  Wind Power Plants for  Delivery Loss Minimization.

3:30-3:45pm Jeff Lang and Marija Ilic, Corrective Methods for Adjusting    Controllable Equipment  to Ensure  Viable Operations During Normal Conditions and during Contingencies.

3:45:-4:00pm Nipun Popli, A Modeling and Control Approach to Ensuring Intra-Dispatch Regulation Power Reserves.

4:00-4:15pm Qixing Liu, Frequency Stabilization and Regulation in Systems with High Wind Penetration.

4:15-4:30pm Qixing Liu, Stabilization of Linearized  Coupled Frequency-Voltage Fluctuations by Means of  Fast Voltage Control.

4:30-4:45pm Masoud Nazari, Dynamic Stability of Electric Power Systems on the Azores Islands.

4:45-5:05pm Milos Cvetkovic and Kevin Bachovchin, Transient Stabilization in Systems with Wind Power Using Fast Power-Electronically-Switched Storage  (FACTS and Flywheels).

5:05-5:20pm Marija Ilic, Generation Planning in Systems with Uncertain Intermittent Resources; Lessons Learned when Exploring New Methods for Facilitating the Evolution of  Low-Cost Green Azores Islands.

5:20-5:30 Break

Part 2 :
Other EESG Research

5:30-5:45pm Siripha (Pui) Junlakarn and Marija Ilic, Reconfiguration of Distribution Network for Differentiated Reliability of Service.

5:45-6:00pm Andrew Hsu, A Proposed Framework For A Simple Plug-And-Play Information Exchange Standard.

6:00-6:15pm Sanja Cvijic and Marija Ilic, Zooming-In and Zooming-Out Methods for Directing Power Flows.

7:00pm - Reception, Holiday Inn Select University Center, 100 Lytton Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15213