Team #4

18-749: Fault-Tolerant Distributed Systems
Spring 2006



Interfaces and Architecture

Fault Tolerant Baseline

High Performance


High Performance Design



Average Latency for all Invocations 12.922 ms

Average Latency for only Faulty Invocations 4544 ms


Minimum Jitter in the Presence of Faults 387.59 ms

Maximum Jitter in the Presence of Faults 7319.6 ms

Description In this pie chart we can see the breakdown of time for our system when faults are injected. This pie chart shows the data for an average over 25 different faults. The client delay comes mostly from a built-in sleep command that is in the client to prevent constant polling of the naming service. This also includes the time for the initial attempt and exception, and any time after the replication manager finishes fixing the replica and the client is still sleeping. These breakdowns are either impossible to obtain due to clock skew or irrelevant since we cannot control fault injection time and, therefore, are not shown here.

Plans for Phase IV


Latency Plots