Katamari Seigyo


Project Details


Katamari Seigyo is a console controller made to create a more interactive and immersive gaming experience for the game Katamari Damacy and its sequels.

The Katamari Seigyo requires a player to physically roll a ball that is set in a cradle, monitored by motion sensors and an arduino to control the Katamari in the game.


Even with all of the innovation in the game industry there are only a few console controllers which are tailored to specific games. This limits the ways in which console owners can interact with their games. Imagine playing Guitar Hero with only a hand-held game controller.

Customized controllers dramatically increase entertainment value by creating an experience which realistically imitates the actual game play. With embedded technology, the Katamari Seigyo will be able to create a more unique and engaging gamer experience for the Katamari Damacy game series.

Competitive Analysis:

There are no known commercial competitors for Katamari Seigyo and only one similar project is known to exist.

The Katamari Damacy controller hack is a free and open source solution but lacks packaging and requires disassembling a PS2 controller to connect it to a console. It works solely for the PS2, requires holding an optical mouse up to the ball-controller, only measures motion on two axises and is not wireless.

The Katamari Seigyo will be a stand alone controller able to navigate through the game and any menus and will not require any additional hardware to use. Wireless use with an Xbox may be pursued later in the life cycle of the project.


The ball-controller must roll 360 degrees rotation in any direction.
Fidelity to the game actions
The Katamari ball in the game must accurately reflect the ball-controller's movement.
The controller must work for a wired PS2 controller connection.
The game should have comprehensive game controls and include a menu.
The ball-controller must have physical stability.

Technical Specifications:

12" diameter hollow steel sphere
Cradle Mechanism
4 Omnidirectional ball bearings
Arduino Uno (16 MHz)
AD5206BN10 Digital Potentiometer
PS/2 Optical Mouse
1 PlayStation2 Controller
Playstation 2

PS/2 Mouse to Arduino

Katamari Damacy PS2 game
Arduino code for PS/2-PlayStation2 translation

Risks and Mitigations:

Risk: One optical mouse cannot detect full range of motion
Mitigation: Change placement of mouse in relation to ball or use two mice

Risk: 3D rotation implementation
Mitigation: Simpler 2D rotation

Risk: Ball falls out of cradle with use
Mitigation: Increase the weight of ball or alter height of the cradle

Risk: Large ball could be difficult to roll
Mitigation: Use smaller ball

Risk: Friction between ball and bearings makes use difficult
Mitigation: Change type of ball used

Risk: Difficulty emulating PS2 controller protocol
Mitigation: Hack into a PS2 controller directly

Risk: Cradle tipping over with use
Mitigation: Increase weight of base

Risk: Ball deforms against bearings and impedes motion
Mitigation: Use a different ball