18-447 Introduction to Computer Architecture – Spring 2015

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Computer architecture is the science and art of selecting and interconnecting hardware components and designing the hardware/software interface to create a computer that meets functional, performance, energy consumption, cost, and other specific goals. This course introduces the basic hardware structure of a modern programmable computer, including the basic laws underlying performance evaluation. We will learn, for example, how to design the control and data path hardware for a ARM-like processor, how to make machine instructions execute simultaneously through pipelining and simple superscalar execution, and how to design fast memory and storage systems. The principles presented in the lecture are reinforced in the laboratory through the design and simulation of a register transfer level (RTL) implementation of a MIPS-like pipelined processor in Verilog. In addition, we will develop a cycle-accurate simulator of this processor in C, and we will use this simulator to explore processor design options.


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There is no required textbook. But we recommend several textbooks below which may be helpful supplements to the material covered in the lectures, labs, and homework assignments. You can place orders for these books at the CMU bookstore.

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Name E-mail Office Phone Office Hours
Instructor Onur Mutlu onur@cmu.edu CIC 4105 (412) 268-1186 Wed. 2:30–3:30PM (or by appointment)
Teaching Assistant (PhD) Rachata Ausavarungnirun rachata@cmu.edu CIC 4th floor Tue. 3–4PM
Teaching Assistant (PhD) Kevin Chang kevincha@cmu.edu HH Coves Mon. 3–4PM
Teaching Assistant (IMB) Albert Cho aycho@andrew.cmu.edu HH Coves Fri. 2:30–3:30PM
Teaching Assistant (IMB) Jeremie Kim jeremiek@cmu.edu HH Coves Wed. 3:30–4:30PM
Teaching Assistant (IMB) Clement Loh changshl@andrew.cmu.edu HH Coves Thu. 4:30–5:30PM
Admin. Assistant Zara Collier zcollier@ece.cmu.edu Hamerschlag Hall Course Hub

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