18733 - Applied Cryptography

Schedule (subject to change)

Classes start January 11th

Date Topic Reading Notes
Mon, Jan 11 Course Overview
Lecture 1
Symmetric Key Cryptography
Wed, Jan 13 Stream Ciphers KL 29-40, 61-77 Stream Cipher Slides
Fri, Jan 15
Recitation: Discrete Probability Theory
Mon, Jan 18 No Class: Martin Luther King Day
Wed, Jan 20 Stream Ciphers II KL 159-187
  • Stream Cipher
  • Block Chipher
  • Fri, Jan 22 Recitation IND-CPA Games - Homework 1 Assigned
    Mon, Jan 25 Block Ciphers KL 82-85, 86-90, 94-102, Slides
    Wed, Jan 27 Using Block Ciphers KL 111-126 Slides
    Fri, Jan 29 Recitation - Salsa20 and Cipher Design
    Mon, Feb 1 Message Integrity KL 127-143 Slides
    Wed, Feb 3 Collision Resistance KL 148-154 Slides
    Fri, Feb 5 Recitation - Reduction Proofs - Homework 1 Due, Homework 2 Assigned
    Mon, Feb 8 Authenticated Encryption Slides
    Public Key Cryptography
    Wed, Feb 10 Basic Key Exchange KL: 359-363 Slides
    Fri, Feb 12 Recitation: Algebraic Structures and Number Theory
    Mon, Feb 15 Introduction to Number Theory KL Ch. 7 Slides
    Wed, Feb 17 Introduction to Number Theory KL 315-339, 364-368 Slides
    Fri, Feb 19 Recitation: Number Theory - Homework 2 Due, Homework 3 Assigned
    Mon, Feb 22 Public Key Encryption from Trapdoor Permutations Slides
    Wed, Feb 24 Public Key Encryption: Diffie-Hellman KL 421-432 Slides
    Fri, Feb 26 Recitation - Homework 2 Review
    Mon, Feb 29 Digital Signatures I KL 432-453 Slides
    Wed, Mar 2 Digital Signatures II - Homework 3 Due Slides
    Fri, Mar 4 No Recitation: Mid Semester Break
    Mon, Mar 7 No Class: Mid Semester Break
    Wed, Mar 9 No Class: Mid Semester Break
    Fri, Mar 11 No Recitation: Mid Semester Break
    Protocols and Advanced Topics
    Mon, Mar 14 Authentication and key Exchange: Kerberos + IPSec
  • Just Fast Keying
  • Optional: Kerberos V5 Network Authentication Service
  • Kerberos Slides
  • JFKi Slides
  • Wed, Mar 16 Authentication on the Web: SSL/TLS TLS v1.2 RFC SSL Slides (Part 1)
    Fri, Mar 18 Recitation: Homework 3 Review
    Mon, Mar 21 Authentication on the Web: Password Security
  • J. Blocki, S. Komanduri, L. Cranor, A. Datta, Spaced Repetition and Mnemonics Enable Recall of Multiple Strong Passwords, in Proceedings of Network and Distributed System Security Symposium, February 2015.
  • J. Blocki, M. Blum, A. Datta, Naturally Rehearsing Passwords, in Proceedings of Asiacrypt, December 2013
  • The science of guessing: analyzing an anonymized corpus of 70 million passwords
  • SSL Slides (Part 2)
  • Human Authentication Slides
  • Wed, Mar 23 Authentication on the Web: Accountable Public Key Infrastructure Certificate Transparency Slides
    Fri, Mar 25 Recitation - Homework 4 Due, Mini-Project Assigned No slides
    Mon, Mar 28 Accountability: Traitor Tracing Revocation and Tracing Schemes for Stateless Recievers Slides
    Wed, Mar 30 Accountability: Electronic Voting I Verifiability, Privacy and Coercion-Resistance Slides
    Fri, Apr 1 Recitation - Homework 4 Review
    Mon, Apr 4 Accountability: Electronic Voting II
  • Scantegrity II
  • Proving Coercion-Resistance of Scantegrity II
  • Slides
    Wed, Apr 6 Accountability in Anonymous Communication / DC-Nets
  • Untraceable Electronic Mail
  • The Dining Cryptographers Problem
  • Tor: The Second-Generation Onion Router
  • Slides
    Fri, Apr 8 Recitation - Mini-project Due, Homework 5 Assigned
    Mon, Apr 11
    Anti-Surveillance: Security of Symmetric and Big Key Encryption against Mass Surveillance
  • Security of Symmetric Encryption against Mass Surveillance
  • The Moral Character of Cryptographic Work [pg 31-]
  • Slides
    Wed, Apr 13 Anti-Surveillance: Anonymous Credentials
  • Pseudonym Systems [pg 7-24]
  • Slides
    Fri, Apr 15 No Recitation: Carnival
    Mon, Apr 18 Anti-Surveillance: Anonymous Communication I
  • Private Information Retrieval
  • Riffle: An Efficient Communication System With Strong Anonymity
  • Slides
    Wed, Apr 20 Anti-Surveillance: Anonymous Communication II
  • Riposte: An Anonymous Messaging System Handling Millions of Users
  • Slides
    Fri, Apr 22 No Reciation - Office Hours Instead
    Mon, Apr 25 Anti-Surveillance: Cryptocurrencies
  • How the Bitcoin protocol actually works
  • Research Persectives and Challenges for Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies
  • Slides
    Wed, Apr 27 Course Wrap-up Slides
    Fri, Apr 29 Recitation (Moved to HHD210) - Homework 5 Due