Applied Cryptography


Instructor: Anupam Datta
Office hours:
For SV students - SV Bldg 23, #208 + Google Hangout (id: danupam) Mon 1:30-2:30 PM PT
For Pittsburgh students: Monday 4:30-5:30PM EDT (on Google Hangout; details on Piazza)

TA: Kyle Soska
Office hours: CIC 2312 5-6pm Thursdays + Google Hangout (kylesoska) + Skype (kyle.soska) + email:

Course hours:        Mon,Wed:   02:30-04:20PM EDT (11:30-1:20PM PDT)
Recitation hours:   Fri:              11:30-12:20PM EDT (08:30AM-09:20AM PDT)
Location:                INI DEC / HH 1107 (Pittsburgh), B23 212 (SV)

Course Description:

A wide array of communication and data protections employ cryptographic mechanisms. This course explores modern cryptographic (code making) and cryptanalytic (code breaking) techniques in detail. This course emphasizes how cryptographic mechanisms can be effectively used within larger security systems, and the dramatic ways in which cryptographic mechanisms can fall vulnerable to cryptanalysis in deployed systems. Topics covered include cryptographic primitives such as symmetric encryption, public key encryption, digital signatures, and message authentication codes; cryptographic protocols, such as key exchange, remote user authentication, and interactive proofs; cryptanalysis of cryptographic primitives and protocols, such as by side-channel attacks, differential cryptanalysis, or replay attacks; and cryptanalytic techniques on deployed systems, such as memory remanence, timing attacks, and differential power analysis.

Prerequisite: 18-730


Piazza link: 18733
Blackboard link: CMU Blackboard


KL: Introduction to Modern Cryptography by J. Katz and Y. Lindell. (Optional)


·      Homework (Best four out of five): 80%

·      Reading and class participation: 10%     

·      Mini-Project: 10%