Dynamic Case

Carnegie Mellon University : Embedded Systems Design Spring 2014 - Team 6

Change in Plan :(

We got all our parts, and spent a lot of time trying to reverse engineer LG Popo Mobile Printer until we finally realized that it was almost impossible for us to build a printer that works with ZINK paper at the time. So, after meetings with our TA and Professor, we decided to change our idea to utilize sensors and LEDs with LG Popo printer to make a printer that prints photos correspondingly to the environment and to display the obtained data on LED.

  • Date: April 16, 2014
  • Status: All parts arrived and bluetooth photo transfer via Arduino bluetooth module successful!
  • Actions Required: Order more parts and work hard on the modified project idea

Change 1
This is LG Popo mobile printer opened up to be analyzed
Change 2
Our brainstorm of modifying the original idea
Change 3
Team 6 :)