Dynamic Case

Carnegie Mellon University : Embedded Systems Design Spring 2014 - Team 6

First Parts Arrived!

We got our parts, but our bluetooth module was taken away by someone else, so we had to try sending images from Android tablet to Arduino Micro, and it worked! We also investigated on how to work the printer and found out that we needed a printer interface to go with the printer head. However, since the printer interface was very expensive, we were considering if we should buy the built in mobile printer to experiment with it first before buying the printer interface.

  • Date: March 5, 2014
  • Status: Initial parts arrived and worked on bluetooth photo transfer
  • Actions Required: Order more parts and think about what to do with printer

Parts 1
This is our initial parts: Thermal Printer Head, Arduino Yun, Arduino Uno, Zink Papers
This is our first trial of transferring image from to arduino via bluetooth using Android and Arduino Code.