Test Cases

Test Cases for Chameleon

These are our test cases

  1. Printing
    1. Responsiveness of the print head
      1. Given the signal from the user, find how responsive it will print out to the paper
    2. Maximum frequency of the print head
      1. Give number of different frequencies, and check if it will actually print out to the paper
    3. Color Variety
      1. Using different RGB values, check how sensitive color can be. And it can be done using color sensor.
  2. Communication
    1. Responsiveness of the communication
      1. Given the signal from the application, find how fast it will transfer to the Arduino
    2. Maximum frequency
      1. Find out the maximum frequency that it can detect
  3. Android Application
    1. Android Application
      1. JUnit Test
  4. Color Sensor
    1. Range of colors
      1. Check how much it can detect
    2. Cross Test
      1. using print head to shoot out RGB, and detect the color using color sensor. Then compare values of two
  5. Accelerometer
    1. Check the acceleration
      1. Check if it detects the acceleration from slow speed to fast speed
  6. Full System Test
    1. Using the system, draw something on the paper
      1. Write fast
      2. Write slowly
      3. Change colors
      4. Detect colors and write