Project Concept

Herbie was designed for the purposes of recreation—what originated as a simple RC car, meant for enthusiasts with a requisite skill level, is now controllable by more novice operators. Updated from a basic RC remote to something more easily recognizable—holding a cell phone as a controller and turning it like one would a steering wheel, it becomes more intuitive to use.



Existing products either don't have video, or if they do, they don't have content to go with the video, let alone another steering wheel and pedals to control the car. The Herbie will give players the immersive experience of first person driving along with dynamically generated gameplay elements to heighten their enjoyment.




Competitive Analysis

Rover 2.0 Spy Tank AR.Drone Quadricopter Mario Kart Herbie
Control Surface Tablet App Tablet App Nintendo Controller Steering wheel and
Vehicle Type Tank Quadricopter Go Kart (virtual) RC Car
Interface Forward facing
camera, audio
Forward and
downward facing
world (virtual)
Forward facing
Augmented Reality
(gameplay) Features
None None Traps and powerups
that modify
performance of car,
other players
Traps and powerups
overlaid on video
that modify
performance of car
Details Link Link Link This website