Team 9 | Spring 2013

Test Cases

Name/ Metrics Why? How?
Start up/shut down time We don't want the user to wait too long. Stopwatch.
Hall effect sensitivity due to distance So that the user can change colors on the pen easily. Have a variety of magnet strengths. Hooking it up to a multimeter.
Response time of IR to table System doesn't lag - user experience. We can videotape users using product so we can measure delay.
Max resolution of AirPlay streaming User experience. Test with different resolutions from different devices.
Accuracy & Precision of IR tracking Accurate respresentation of user input. Putting multiple dots and measuring distances between pen & dots.
Temperature of projector under table So system doesn't overheat and surpass operating temperature. Overload system to see how much stress it can take to reach undesired temperatures.
Optimal wavelength & power of infrared So we can use the optimal infrared to better increase accuracy and precision Repeat A&P test with different infrareds.
Distance between infrared pen and table So there is no unwanted behavior. Measure distance between pen and table when pen is first sensed by the table. Will test at different locations on table.

Experimental Evaluation