Latest Updates

April 30, 2012
We finished the final system integration, and the ARDrone flies well with the glove controller! We are preparing for the public demo tomorrow. Hope to see you there!
February 12, 2012
We started preparing for the in class presentation on February 15, 2012; and finished updating the website.
February 12, 2012
We started to assemble the parts list for the quadrotor, as well as constructing the glove and IMU.

Technical Specification


  • Kinjal Carbon Fiber Frame
  • BP A2212-13 Brushless Outrunner Motor
  • HobbyWing FlyFun Brushless ESC 18A
  • APC 8x3.8 Propeller APC 8x3.8 Pusher Propeller
  • AeroQuad Mini v1.0 Kit
  • Camera
  • Battery


  • Extended Kalman Filter


  • Wifi


Functional Requirements

  • Must be able to fly reliably without crashing
  • Must respond to the controls from the user operating the glove.
  • Must be able to display video from the onboard camera.

Non-Functional Requirements

  • Should have range of 100 meters
  • Should have decent battery life (2 hours)
  • Should have a response latency of less than 0.5 second
  • In the event of a crash, or collision, damage caused to quadrotor should be minimal


  • Our self-built quadrotor does not fly; Buy an AR drone and hack it to communicate with the IMU Glove.
  • Camera is too heavy and prevents quadrotor from flying; Remove camera from the drone