18-549 Embedded Systems Design
Spring 2012
Team 13
Time Lapse

Saturday, February 18th

The team meets before the first meeting with the instructor.

Wednesday, February 29th

Leap day! The team is hard at work setting up the alcohol sensor.


The device prints out voltage values on the computer screen, representing levels of alcohol.

When alcohol (hand sanitizer) is put near the sesnor, the output values rise.
Next step is to correlate these values with BAC levels.

Sunday, March 4th

The device now can connect via Bluetooth.

Also, the Push Button Start Kit works when connected to a motor.
When the start button is pushed, the motor will start, simulating starting a real car.

Wednesday, March 21st

Hooking up both bluetooth devices to see if they can communicate with each other.

Working on the Android app, to send text messages.

Tuesday, April 10th

Data analysis after extensive testing.

Saturday, April 21st

Demonstration of the ignition coil working, which will represent the car being started since we couldn't get a real car for the final demo.

Picture of what the final device will look like.

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