Test Case

Distance test on Irda Transmission

  • Why: We need to inverstigate the effective range of Irda transmission so as to design other suitable test cases.
  • How: Keep the Irda senting data while manually adjust the distance and check whether the message is still shown on the LED board.
  • Fault-free

Irda Interaction Test

  • Why: Each T-shirt has two Irda transmitters, we want to ensure that the signal won't interfere between Irdas.
  • How: Send message simultaneous from left and right and check whether lily pad will be able to handle them.
  • Fault-injected

Stress Test on Data Quality

  • Why: The T-shirt should keep functioning under various signal transimission enviornment.
  • How: Adjust relative position of Irda sender and receiver and keep system running for a long time.
  • Fault-injected

Message Split Test

  • Why: The T-shirt should be able to display splitted messages.
  • How: Place three T-shirts in a row and see whether the message is evenly splitted.
  • Fault-injected