TEAM 12: ScouTrak
Spring 2011


Architecture Diagram


1. Arduino Base Station Requirements:

R1.1 The Arduino shall maintain, and update a table containing the current positions of each client.
R1.2 Each base station shall have its own unique ID.
R1.3 Each base station must update client positions on every mobile client within range.

2. ZigBee Modem Base Station Requirements:

R2.1 Each ZigBee base station shall be paired with all other ZigBee modules within range.
R2.2 Every client position/calculation must be shared with every surrounding base station (mesh).
R2.3 Each base station must communicate its inputs/outputs to an Arduino board for interpretation.

3. Adruino Client Requirements:

R3.1 Every 0.25s, the Arduino board
    R3.1.1 shall poll all RSSI data from base stations.
    R3.1.2 shall calculate its own current position based on RSSI values received in R3.1.1.
    R3.1.3 shall send it's newly calculated position from R3.1.2 to all base stations for storage.
    R3.1.4 shall ask for all current positions of clients with the same team ID.
R3.2 The Arduino board shall maintain a table containing the other clients' positions.
R3.3 The Arduino board shall update the LCD display every 0.25s.
R3.4 Each client shall have its own unique ID, and a shared team ID.

4. ZigBee Modem Client Requirements:

R4.1 Each ZigBee base station shall be paired with all other ZigBee modules within range.
R4.2 Each message received from another base station or client shall be forwarded an Arduino board.

5. ColorLCD Requirements:

R5.1 LCD shall display the current location of the client.
R5.2 LCD should display the location of all clients sharing the same team ID.

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