Technology Enhanced Hybrid MS in ECE

Kick start your MS in ECE with Technology Enhanced Education Program

What is Technology Enhanced Education?

ECE at Carnegie Mellon offers students the opportunity to start their M.S. in ECE while not in residence on a CMU campus. A first semester of study can be pursued with a fully integrated “online” experience through courses offered to both residential and remote students in the same degree program and in the same virtual classroom. The program will, rather than offering a separate “online” experience, offer a first-class educational experience that, as a consequence of the technology being employed, eliminates geographical boundaries in terms of student participation.  Students distributed around the world will participate together in the same classroom experience. Non-residential students will also spend full semesters at Carnegie Mellon campuses, thus integrating their online experience with the bricks and mortar campus experience so that they may take advantage of those opportunities not yet available in an exclusively online experience. The most important aspects of our approach is that it will be based on what is best for students in general, whether residential or not, will focus on the full spectrum of education and assessment and not just information delivery, will be an integrated part of our existing degree program and thus will be part a common educational experience.

Flexible jumpstart into the program

Semester One

The first semester will be an “online” experience with students selecting courses from those available in this format. While taking courses in the online format, students have the option to register either part-time, or full-time.  As a consequence of using technology to improve the learning environment for all our students, the ability to accommodate students who are not  resident on any Carnegie Mellon campus becomes possible. The use of a technology based environment making lectures available online, holding of online discussion sessions with the professors and teaching assistants, eliminating the need to be at a certain place at a certain time thus increasing flexibility, the tying together of students on multiple Carnegie Mellon campuses around the world, will all create a better, richer, more effective learning environment for all our students.

Semester Two and Beyond

After the first semester students will be resident on campus. The residential experience will allow students the opportunity to take advantage of those course and facilities offerings that are not yet available in a purely remote experience. This integrated environment, offers flexibility to students, greater learning opportunities, and indeed changes the educational paradigm in a way that results in a more effective educational model.  Please note, you do have the option to take more than one semester in the online format, but half of the degree requirements must be completed on campus.  

If you have any questions about your enrollment options, please contact the ECE Graduate Admissions Office at (412) 268-6327 or

On campus vs. Technology Enhanced

The table below shows the cost of the program for full time registered students. However, students taking the MS in ECE through the technology platform may, in their first semester, register for less than full time status. Thus, students may register for as few as one course (12 units). When registering for less than full time status students will be charged a per unit fee of $556 or $6672 for a 12 unit course. This options, available, to non-resident students in the technology enhanced platform represents a significant cost saving over full time registration for three semesters.

On CampusTechnology Enhanced
Application Fee $70 $0
Deadline to Apply October 1, 2013 December 15, 2013
Remote Access to Courses Yes for select courses Yes for select courses
Full time tuition per semester $20,000 (Tuition info) $20,000 (Tuition info)
Part Time For non-US students No Yes
(Minimum 12 units (per unit cost $556))
Access to Faculty and Teaching Assistants Yes Yes

Important Note Regarding Distance Education

Residents of Certain States are Ineligible to Apply for Enrollment in Courses and Programs Delivered via Distance Education: For Carnegie Mellon courses and programs delivered via distance education only: Carnegie Mellon is not able to accept students who are residents of Alabama, Arkansas and Minnesota for enrollment in  courses and programs delivered via distance education because it has not applied for or received authorization from these states to deliver courses and programs via distance education to residents of these states. Carnegie Mellon has not currently applied for or received authorization from these states because Carnegie Mellon has determined that the administrative and other requirements to obtain and maintain authorization for its distance education courses and programs that would otherwise be delivered to residents of these states, including the fees charged by these states and the additional administrative costs associated with doing so, are disproportionately burdensome, excessive and/or prohibitive, at least at the present time.

ATTN Residents of AL, AR and MN: If you are a resident of Alabama, Arkansas or Minnesota, you are not eligible to apply for enrollment in Carnegie Mellon courses and programs delivered via distance education. Note, however that residents of Alabama, Arkansas and Minnesota are eligible to apply for enrollment in all other Carnegie Mellon courses and programs, including those offered at any of its various campus locations.

Inquiries regarding the above may be directed to: 

Director of Enrollment Services
Carnegie Mellon University
Warner Hall A19
5000 Forbes Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15213

Telephone:  412.268.5399

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