Undergraduate Academic Guide: Capstone Design Requirements

This requirement provides students with the opportunity for some hands-on experience. Each student must complete at least one of the approved Capstone Design courses. The Capstone Design courses are intended to enhance the student's repertoire of professional problem-solving and engineering design skills in the context of realistic engineering situations. In the Capstone Design courses, students work in teams to formulate the problem, propose an engineering solution or a design in the presence of technical and socioeconomic constraints, and make sound professional judgments among alternative solutions. One course from the following list must be taken (12 units):

Applied Physics

18-510Sensor Systems Design12
18-513RF Circuits and Antennas for Wireless Systems12


18-525Integrated Circuit Design Project12

Computer Hardware

18-540Rapid Prototyping of Computer Systems12
18-545Advanced Digital Design Project12
18-549Embedded Systems Design12

Signals and Systems

18-551Digital Communication and Signal Processing Systems Design12
18-578Mechatronic Design12
18-587Electrical Energy Conversion, Control, and Management12