Undergraduate Academic Guide: Appendix A: Graduation Course Requirement Sheet: B.S. in ECE

You may wish to print and retain this sheet to track your progress through the B.S. program.

Enrolled Fall 2010 or later

General Education

Course Units
Computing @ Carnegie Mellon 3
76-101 Interpretation & Argument 9
Humanistic Studies 9
Cognition and Institutions 9
Depth sequence in H&SS/CFA (3 courses) 27
Non-technical electives 18


Course Units
21-120 Freshman Math I 10
21-122 Freshman Math II 10
33-106 Physics I 12
33-107 Physics II 12
Math/Science elective (2 courses) 18
Probability and Statistics 9

General Technical

Course Units
xx-100 Introduction to Engineering elective 12
18-202 18-220/18-290 Math co-requisite 12
21-127 18-240 Math co-requisite 9
15-112 Fundamentals of Programming 12
15-122 Principles of Imperative Computation 10


Course Units
18-100 Introduction to ECE 12
18-220 Electronic Devices and Analog Circuits 12
18-240 Structure and Design of Digital Systems 12
18-213 Introduction to Computer Systems 12
18-290 Signals and Systems 12
18-200 Emerging Trends in ECE (Sophomore) 1
Breadth 24
Depth (must have a breadth course as a prerequisite) 12
Coverage 12
Capstone Design 12

Free Electives

Course Units
Free electives 57

Total units: 379

QPA Requirements

CIT has the following requirement for graduation:

A student must also achieve a cumulative quality point average of 2.00 in a series of core courses, up to a maximum of 184 units, specified by the department.

When more than one possibility exists for meeting a specific requirement (e.g., breadth), the courses will be chosen as to maximize the QPA. Similarly, when a course is retaken, the better grade will be used in the computation of the minimum QPA in the above courses.