Radu Marculescu Publishes in Nature’s Scientific Reports


April 29, 2014

A paper co-authored by Professor Radu Marculescu titled "Heterogeneous Structure of Stem Cells Dynamics: Statistical Models and Quantitative Predictions" appeared in Nature’s prestigious Scientific Reports on April 28, 2014. Co-authors on the paper were Professor Paul Bogdan of the University of Southern California (a CMU alumnus), Dr. Bridget M. Deasy of McGowan Institute of Regenerative Medicine of UPMC, Dr. Burhan Gharaibeh of the Institute for Complex Engineered Systems at CMU, and Timo Roehrs of the University of Pittsburgh.

This paper, which proposes new models for stem cell dynamics, shows for the first time that distinct subpopulations of dividing cells exist within several heterogeneous stem cell populations and the stem cell division is self-similar in nature. This leads to a complex behavior which cannot be quantified by current mathematical models of stem cell growth. These findings can be used in basic science and medicine to aid in predicting cells fate. The implications are far reaching and important for both personalized and regenerative medicine.