Pulkit Grover Receives Career Award


February 12, 2014

ECE Assistant Professor Pulkit Grover has been awarded a National Science Foundation (NSF) Career Award supporting his research for five years totaling $600,000. The funding provided by this award will further Grover’s research aimed at fundamentally changing the way communication systems are built by incorporating energy efficiency from the ground up in today’s networks (e.g., Big Data processing networks, cell phones, WiFi, Bluetooth, etc.).

According to Grover, “Communication protocols used today often rely on the 60-year-old classical information theory. Our past work shows that these protocols can consume much more energy than necessary because they ignore circuit energy needed to process information and instead focus only on transmission energy. The proposed research will focus on minimizing the total (transmit + circuit) energy, which will be guided by new fundamental limits we have obtained.”

To read more about Professor Grover and his research, see: http://users.ece.cmu.edu/~pgrover/

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